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Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced in the pineal gland in the brain. This hormone plays a very significant role in determining sleeping patterns, and any imbalance can cause a variety of sleep disorders. Today, recent studies indicate that melatonin supplements can help alleviate sleep disorders so that people can enjoy healthy, natural sleep. Melatonin can come in pill and tablet form, but it can also come in liquid form. While in general the benefits are similar, in some ways liquid melatonin is much more effective than tablets and pills.


Melatonin in liquid form tends to work much faster than in pill form. That’s because liquid melatonin is absorbed more easily through the mucosa of the mouth. This enables melatonin to reach the brain much more quickly. By taking the liquid formulation, the user can expect to feel the effects in just three to ten minutes.

In contrast, taking melatonin as a pill requires more time before the effects can be noticed. The melatonin pill first has to be broken down by the digestive system. It then has to pass through the blood before it can be delivered to the brain. This is a lengthier process that requires anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes.

Easier to Mix with Food and Drinks

Some people prefer to take melatonin in liquid form so that they can mix it with their favorite bedtime beverage such as chamomile tea. Doing this with a melatonin pill isn’t practical, and it requires more time and effort. This practice isn’t limited to adult tea drinkers, however. Many people, especially children, simply object to taking any medicine or supplement in pill form. So, for them, melatonin can only be given surreptitiously as a liquid.

Convenient Dosage Approximation

Sometimes a melatonin pill may prove to be too potent and the user needs to lower the dosage. If the pill contains 10mg of melatonin, then the pill needs to be cut in half, which can be a very frustrating and oftentimes unsuccessful process.

On the other hand, decreasing the dosage of the liquid melatonin is much more convenient. Usually, there is a certain prescribed number of drops that denotes a particular dosage. A full dropper or 30 drops, for example, may denote 10mg of melatonin. If a user needs only 5mg, then reducing the dosage is only a matter of halving the drops or filling only the dropper halfway. This advantage is even more pronounced when the user needs a third or a fourth of the pill. Cutting a pill into three equal parts is not an easy thing to do!

Melatonin in any form can be beneficial for those suffering from sleeplessness and other forms of sleep disorders (including jet lag). While melatonin in pill form remains popular and convenient for many people, for some circumstances it may be better to take liquid melatonin instead. It provides many benefits and it is also just as safe as other formulations.