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Human beings in general are imaginative creatures, but sometimes these flights of fancy can really astonish the rest of us. One of these strange ideas is the notion of snorting melatonin, an act that can baffle any health service professional. Even the very idea of it is ridiculous. How can anyone in their right mind snort melatonin, a natural occurring hormone that can help people fall asleep during the night?

Abusing Sleeping Pills

Perhaps it is the notion that melatonin is a sleeping pill (it’s not) that has made some uninformed individuals believe that snorting melatonin is a viable option. Some actual sleeping pills can be addictive, and sleeping pill addiction is a real problem.

Some people also think that snorting is a “cool” way of taking a drug, in the same way that people snort cocaine. When addicts snort cocaine, the effect is felt within minutes, and this effect does not wear off as fast as when it is freebased.

But what these people forget is that melatonin is not a recreational drug. It’s not even a drug at all. As such, it can produce no recreational effects that a drug addict might enjoy.

Zero Benefits

There are no potential benefits when you snort melatonin. It is not designed for nasal insufflation, so that means that it will not be more effective than swallowing a melatonin pill, or by placing a lozenge under the tongue. Snorting melatonin does not really speed up the time the melatonin needs to take effect. Besides, melatonin is very fast acting already. It can take effect in just half an hour when taken in pill form. In liquid form, the effect may be noticed in a mere 3 to 10 minutes.

Dangers of Snorting

What snorting may cause is harm instead of benefits. At best, the harm is in wasting melatonin that could have been put to much better use.

Snorting (or to be technical, nasal insufflation) of any compound, especially in powder form, can cause wear and tear in nasal and sinus tissues, especially after long term usage. The mucous membranes may become infected and not only is this painful, but it can also trigger the nasal septum to perforate. Snorting any powdered compound can also cause a lot of medical conditions such as a chronic cold, a chronic infection of the airways, headaches, and nosebleeds. People who snort powdered compounds may also eventually lose some of their sense of taste and smell.


There is absolutely nothing to gain when you snort melatonin. Nothing at all. At the same time, it poses too many risks to your health. With zero benefits and a lot of risks, there is simply no point in snorting melatonin. If you’re lucky, all you’ve done is waste the melatonin. At worst, you end up with nasal problems. You don’t need all these problems when you already have insomnia and other sleep disorders to deal with. Just take the melatonin as directed, and hopefully you’ll forget about this insane notion of snorting melatonin in the morning!