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Sleep disorders – it is a common illness in modern society and it healed quickly and simply, however, provided that it has not become chronic.

How to cure sleep disorders? Sleep problems may be related to duration, continuity or quality of sleep. Currently 30% of adults suffer from such problems and 10% of it is chronic. Sleeplessness is dangerous because as a result of lack of sleep a person loses concentration; it is deteriorating memory and spoils the mood. It is clear that these symptoms do not help function normally in everyday life.

The most dangerous consequence of sleep disorders is depression. Of course, it is better to prevent sleep problems than to cure. So to deal with sleeplessness people should at an early stage of the disease. So if you suffer from sleeplessness at least three months and not yet taking medications for sleep disorders to treat it - you are  indicated a method such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

treatment sleep disorders

If you cannot visit a therapist you can conduct such therapy alone. First, start to keep a "Diary of Dreams". Each morning after waking you should write down your dreams in it along with the duration and quality of sleep. It will take about 10 minutes of your time but you can clearly trace whether the progress of your self-psychoanalysis. Search the web for scientific information on sleep, the need for it in different periods of life, various schemes of sleep and wakefulness. Based on your observations try to determine an optimal bedtime and wakeup. Follow this schedule for at least month. Typically, improving of the quality of your sleep will be available. If this method did not help you, most likely, your sleeplessness roots lie not in the mental health but abuse is in the nervous system. In these cases it is recommended to see a specialist for advices about treatment of sleep disorders.

A full night's sleep is necessary for every person, to rest and gain strength. But what to do if it is long past midnight and sleep is not coming? A few simple techniques can help turn you healthy and strong sleep.

How to establish a night sleep? Sleeplessness is a problem of millions of people in the world. It has various causes: stress, fatigue, rhythm of life, wrong daily routine. Sleep disorders need to act comprehensively to quickly achieve a good result.

1. Establish a mode of day. Lie down and get up at the same time. Optimally is to go to bed at 22: 00-23: 00 at which time begins to produce the hormone melatonin so people who fall asleep during this period, have a great sleep. Sleep takes about 7-8 hours. Studies have shown that people who sleep less than 5 or more than 9 hours have poor productivity and low intelligence.

2. There are foods rich in magnesium. Its deficiency can lead to sleep disorders. During stress magnesium excreted from the body so you need to replenish it. Magnesium-rich nuts, seeds, whole grains, dried fruits, leafy greens, beans, watermelons.

3. To feel physical fatigue. Sedentary lifestyle and lack of movement negatively affect nighttime sleep. The body should be physically tired. Perform daily exercises and perform a half-hour evening walk in the fresh air.

4. Relax. Before going to bed is useful to take a warm bath with sea salt and lavender, lemon balm, sage and jasmine. Essential oils must be diluted in a small amount of cream then pouring in the water. On one bathroom you need 8-10 drops of oil.

These tips are certainly helpful but if you need to know an effective way to treat sleep disorders it is certainly Generic Wondersleep and SleepWell. These drugs are very helpful and practically without side effects - and all because they are herbal. So if you need the best medications for sleep disorders you can choose these drugs.