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Chewable Melatonin Could be the Solution Sleep used to come very naturally to people, back in the days when there were hardly any distractions. Back then, chewable melatonin was not yet even a concept. The more primitive that life was, the simpler the needs and wants of humans were. However, as the world progressed, many of the changes that happened began to contribute to a growing inability to sleep properly. And this phenomenon is happening all over the world.

Distractions and Stress

Many things in modern life cause distractions and stress to happen and be experienced. Both are enemies of a good, restful sleep. Artificial lights for example, can play havoc with our natural circadian rhythms. Gadgets and certain appliances, such as the television, when taken into the bedroom, can also pose a threat to sound sleep. It’s not only the fact that they also emit light and sounds which can be disruptive, when we have gadgets and appliances in our bedroom, we condition ourselves to be aware of them. That’s why many people experience interrupted sleep…they often keep checking to see if they actually received a message on their cellphones, or they were just dreaming it up.

This constant watchfulness is very stressful. Add to this the other forms of stress that you may put up with on a regular basis, such as traffic, being overladen with work, family issues, and you get sleepless nights as a result. This is one of the reasons while chewable melatonin has been popularly used by many.

Turning Time Upside Down

Another reason that sleep cycles have been grossly distorted is globalization. The economies of the world now function on a 24/7 basis, irrespective of geographical boundaries. The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has opened a lot of opportunities for customers in North America, for example, to be serviced by contact center agents in Asia. The two continents have widely variant time zones, such that when it is morning in North America, it is evening in Asia.

The outsourced agents are therefore operating on time that has been upended. Their normal sleep patterns – normal, in the sense that it is how it’s supposed to happen, according to natural design – have been reversed.

It’s the same thing for workers in other industries and sectors, that have to go in night shift duties such as medical or health care personnel, policemen, firemen, or watch guards. Anyone whose regular or natural body clock is disturbed, will often want to seek sleeping aids.

Do Sleeping Aids Really Work?

The efficacy of sleeping aids remains as a matter of serious discussion in many scientific and medical circles. Sleep is a natural function of the body to enable people to rest and recover. When sleep is interrupted or disturbed, the health receives numerous negative impacts.

Sleeping aids are acceptable and even popular, because of the relief they give from sleeplessness. However, it must be noted that their effectiveness should be measured against various factors, chief of which are a person’s physical, mental, physiological, and emotional characteristics, along with his or her life conditions. While chewable melatonin could be the solution to your sleep problem, your decision to use it should also be weighed against the factors mentioned, for your peace of mind.