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It is unlikely that you will become disprove the fact that when going to bed and touching favorite pillow each of us would immediately fall asleep. Nothing is more annoying as insomnia and a good sleep is very important for the health. Among scientists there is no consensus about which foods give a good sleep and what hinders but there is an unofficial list of products that are believed to some extent positively influence the process of sleep or rob us of sleep, not as much as medications for sleep disorders of course but still these recommendations are helpful.

food for sleep

10 best products for sleep:

  1. Cherry - one of the few foods that contain melatonin. This substance helps to control the internal clock of our body. According to studies, if you drink tart cherry juice, it slightly improves the length and quality of sleep in adults with chronic sleep problems. (Travelers often take melatonin-containing drugs to combat sleep disorders because of the time difference but this fruit can help to sleep).
  2. Milk. Probably each of us remembers as a child's parents gave for the night a glass of warm milk when we could not sleep. And it's not just old wives' gossip. Milk contains the amino acid, tryptophan which produces serotonin (hormone of happiness) and which produces melatonin (a hormone of calmness) that is why it is the best drink before sleep.
  3. Enriched grain cereal. Carbohydrates are good for falling asleep but do not lean on biscuits before being sent to bed (and at any other time of day too). Better to eat a cup of oatmeal or whole grain cereal that contains "good" or "complex” carbohydrates. And if you don’t know what to eat before sleep add the milk and they get double power to help to fall asleep.
  4. Jasmine rice. Also contains tryptophan which helps to produce melatonin and serotonin. The use of rice for 4 hours before bedtime contributes to the gradual release of glucose into the blood which reduces by half the time needed to sleep.
  5. Bananas help if you are unable to sleep because they contain natural substances that relax the muscle tissue - the magnesium and potassium. Also they are carbohydrates that promote sleep. Bananas are generally good for health: potassium is needed to maintain cardiovascular and cognitive functions.
  6. Sweet potatoes - a dream for those who like to sleep. It contains also relaxes muscles potassium. A good source of potassium is normal potatoes baked in its peel, moon beans and papaya and this is one of the most popular food that help to fall asleep.
  7. Like milk, turkey contains tryptophan. However, the complex form of insomnia unlikely milk and turkey will help you or will take an incredible amount of these products.
  8. Tea with Valerian. According to the research valerian root accelerates bedtime and increased duration of sleep. In addition, valerian contains caffeine as regular tea and relaxes and causes drowsiness.
  9. Walnuts, cashews contain large quantities of tryptophan and melatonin. Eat a handful of nuts at night or sprinkle with them salad with vegetables.
  10. Spinach is rich in tryptophan and vitamin B6 which helps tryptophan to be better assimilated. Also do not forget to add nuts to a salad and these wonderful greens.

So there was a list of food that helps to fall asleep and the next is a list of 10 worst foods for sleep:

  1. Cheeseburger with bacon. Fat contained in this Fastfood guaranteed deprive you of sleep. It can cause heartburn. Indeed, in such foods rich in fat and salt there is nothing good for health in general including sleep that is why it is not recommended to eat before night.
  2. Wine. Alcohol in any form is extremely harmful to sleep. It quickly processed by the body and makes waking up several times a night. Also after drinking before bedtime you can easily provoke or worsen snoring that prevent sleep also your partner.
  3. Coffee contains caffeine which is a nerve stimulant. After drinking coffee before going to sleep you cannot fall asleep for a long time if ever fall asleep - it all depends on the amount and strength of the drink. Of course, everything depends on the body's susceptibility to caffeine which is associated with the habit of drinking coffee. If you do not know your "threshold of caffeine" then it is better to give up coffee in the evening completely.
  4. Dark chocolate. Also, it contains the obromine - stimulant that increases heart rate and insomnia.
  5. Energy drink. The reason why power engineering prevents sleep again is caffeine. In these drinks contain a considerable amount which can be compared to a large mug of coffee or even two or three.
  6. Sodas. Cola, Sprite and other carbonated beverages containing caffeine and sodium benzoate irritating the gastrointestinal tract which leads to the production of acid. Together, these two substances is the worst prescription for sleeping.
  7. Indian curry. No dish itself prevents to sleep but those spices that it contains. Do not eat foods in the evening high in fat condiments and if you want to fully sleep.
  8. Medicine except drugs for sleep. Some medications and supplements contain caffeine. Pain pills, diuretics and remedies for cold caffeine may be composed of more than a cup of coffee. Be sure to read the information on the packaging.
  9. Meat. Foods high in protein slow down the process of falling asleep and sleep do unproductive. In the dream, digestion slows down and more proteins inhibit it. Instead of to sleep your body is working, digesting food. If you eat meat for dinner make sure to add carbohydrates to help sleep.
  10. Liquid. Drink water throughout the day is very helpful. But for some time before sleep fluid intake should be stopped.

So from this article you know the best food for sleep and if to follow these rules you will definitely have a good sleep after eating.