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People suffering from insomnia find relief in sleeping pills, but these pills have a substance added to them that may be doing more harm than good. The substance, melatonin, causes serious side effects and anyone taking this substance needs to be aware of what they are.

One of the melatonin side effects is extreme irritability. Anything can annoy people when they are under the influence of melatonin side effects. It doesn’t matter how small the matter is, melatonin effects these people’s mood greatly. The outcome can be that people experiencing melatonin side-effects begin to lose their close relationships.

Melatonin affects the heart as well. Anyone who already has heart disease and is also taking a medication with melatonin will begin to suffer from even more heart-related problems.

The same is true of people with a weakened immune system due to an illness. Taking a product that contains melatonin also has the effect of further diminishing the effectiveness of these people’s immune systems. A weak immune system can’t fight off the infections it would ordinarily be able to combat. The result is that the patients may notice that they are contracting more illnesses than they have in the past.

One of the most notable melatonin side effects that people experience is the loss of their sexual appetites. They begin to crave sex less often, but what is more serious than that is the fact that women can lose their ability to have children. People’s eyesight can suffer as well. Melatonin side effects also include partial or complete blindness because the melatonin damages the patient’s retinas.

People who shouldn’t be taking products with melatonin are those who are taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors because these drugs have the effect of increasing the amount of melatonin within the patient. Taking another product that also contains melatonin would only increase the presence of this substance even further, and that would be a highly dangerous prospect.

Some other melatonin effects include feeling dizzy, having headaches, nightmares, feeling confused, walking in one’s sleep, drowsiness throughout the day and discomfort in the abdomen.

Before taking a melatonin-based product, people need to be aware of the dangerous melatonin side-affects they may be subjecting themselves to and take this medication with caution. Consulting with a physician before taking a melatonin-based medication will ensure that people can relieve their insomnia in the safest way possible.