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Those who often suffer from absence of good sleep are very well aware about how important it is. Such people experience easy morning awakening, cheerfulness and good spirits perhaps only dream. If this is about you — do not be upset. Compliance with a few simple recommendations can help you to improve quality of sleep.

If you want to fall asleep quickly, instead of just laying in bed till the morning looking at the ceiling, try to go to bed at the same time. The best sleep is the one that begins before midnight. If you are a hardcore "owl", then changing into "a lark" mode would be really beneficial. Remember, for full rest a person needs 6-8 hours of sleep. Begin going to bed and get up half an hour earlier than usual, every day closer to the scheduled time and in a couple of weeks you'll see that your organism is really enjoying these changes.


The important factor in the realm of Morpheus is where we sleep or rather what are we sleep at. It turns out that it is not so simple to pick a good mattress and pillows. If you have problems with the spine do not run like a lamplighter into a store without consulting orthopedist first. In any decent specialty store you’ll hear that even the size, texture and shape of pillows can play an important role in your health.

Do not ignore the trite advice and ventilate the room before going to bed. Oxygen is necessary for our brain and it is an essential source of energy for the body. Fresh air cleared of harmful fumes and odors that have accumulated over the day provides necessary oxygen; this will have an amazing impact in your condition in the morning and improve quality of sleep.

Warm bath or shower before bedtime will clear body and remove stress. No wonder water treatment has long have such a tremendous value. You can convert it to a ritual. Taking a shower, imagine that water, falling on the skin, penetrates through it, clearing the head and body of unwanted thoughts and emotions of negativity accumulated during the day. And in that crystal clear condition go to bed.

Poor quality of sleep often accompanies lovers of coffee and strong tea. The fact is that caffeine causes a condition very similar to anxiety. If you have trouble sleeping, it is better to abandon the use of beverages containing it. To sleep better, you can drink a glass of warm milk with honey, motherwort or valerian extract.

Some scents can be wonderful helpers on the way to blissful sleep. You can buy aroma lamp, make a pillow with herbs or drip a few drops of lavender oil on a handkerchief. To good night's rest contribute hops, geranium, pine needles, mint sprigs of juniper, lemon balm and chamomile. Our dreams can become our enemies. Scary dreams, unpleasant scenes from life, intricate mazes of events all this causes exhaustion in the morning. To get rid of obsessive dreams, try to understand them. Analyze plots; pay special attention to those that are repeated several times. What events and people in real life you are associated your dreams? To what problem they are trying to draw your attention? Once you understand the encrypted message, your dreams will no longer bother you.

Often we cannot fall sleep because of real problems. Well, the best way to get rid of insomnia in this case would be to solve these problems. If it is not possible in this moment, give yourself a mental indication in the style of "Gone with the wind": "Think about it tomorrow." And try to replace heavy thoughts with pleasant ones and dreams.

Moderate exercise in 4-6 hours before bedtime can help you get rid of stress, and their invigorating effect will wear off in a few hours. Instead of activity comes pleasant relaxation that will contribute to the rapid falling asleep. Already being in bed, you can use the technique of relaxation, known in yoga Shavasana or posture of a dead man. You need to lie down on your back and, starting from the toes, relax slowly all parts of the body up to the head and hair. Deep relaxation will ensure you a good sleep. The quality of sleep depends on many factors, but it is a very important part of our physical and psychological health, well-being and productivity. Troubleshooting of sleep helps us to find the strength and harmony.

Bed= Sleep. Sleep will come to you much faster if your brain associates the bed with sleep instead of talking on the phone, browsing email etc. Leave your bed only for sleep and sex; it will significantly improve the quality of sleep.

Try as much as possible to neutralize any noise or try to replace it with so-called "white noise". Calm music with rhythm slower than heart rate, or records of imitation of waterfall noise, rain, birds singing and more would be very helpful.

Empty the bedroom from any light source such as flashing computer modem, too bright electronic clock scoreboard, red light on the TV and so on. The room should be well lit during the day and obscured at night due to the simple reason that our body reacts to light in the same way as a million years ago did our ancestors: if it’s dark — it's time to sleep, if it’s light, thus the sun rose — it's time to hunt.

Too spicy or sour foods shortly before bedtime cause increased heartbeat at night. For this reason you cannot fall asleep for a long time and the next morning you feel completely overwhelmed.

Tobacco is the enemy of sleep. Cigarettes, just like coffee, have a stimulant effect, so quit this harmful habit completely or at least smoke your last cigarette for a certain time before bedtime so the body can enter into the rest mode.

If you suspect that the causes of poor sleep are medications you are taking — see the doctor who prescribed them, asking him to find a replacement or prescribe another mode of reception. Similarly, if for a long time you’ve been suffering from a chronic lack of sleep, use of hypnotic medication may be helpful, the specialist will be able to choose the safest option for you and then you can purchase them at a pharmacy or buy drugs for improve quality of sleep online.