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The melatonin level within each person varies and is affected by the amount of light that the body receives. melatonin is produced by the pineal gland that exists in the brain. It determines when it is the time to sleep and when it is time to wake up. The melatonin hormone is released during the night or when it gets dark and causes one to become sleepy or drowsy.

The amount of melatonin produced is about 5 to 20 micrograms in a younger people and in middle aged adults. This is at least 80 times less than you would find in a 2 mg. pill. This level diminishes as a person ages and is reported to be a cause why older adults have difficulty in sleeping. There are two kinds of melatonin that are present in the market. The natural kind is sometimes called animal or bovine-grade melatonin. This is made from the pineal glands of animals. The second is synthetic melatonin, which is commonly found compounded at a pharmacy. This type is the same molecular structure as the melatonin that we produce. Natural melatonin might pose a risk to humans due to its ability to be contaminated with the viruses of the animal. The synthetic one is said to be safer due to being free from the so-called biological contaminants.

It is very essential to note that compared to medication, finding the right dose for supplements are not as readily available. There are several details regarding melatonin dosage that can be acquired from clinical studies and from practical experience with the supplement. For most uses, doses that range from 0.3 mg up to 5 mg once daily seem to work well. It has been recommended to take melatonin 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime. If you don’t feel groggy after a restful night sleep then you probably have the right dosage.

Compared to many other treatments for sleep disorders you might not need to take melatonin on a long-term basis. You might only need several weeks of the treatment just to let the cycle of your sleep pattern get back on track. Though you do need to take it in the evening as taking it during the day can be

Due to there being no sufficient evidence to guide you in your amount of dosage, a better plan is to begin with a sensible dose and see how your body will respond to it. Once you observe that you are groggy in the morning and have a struggle getting up or if you are encountering other melatonin side effects, a lower dosage would be better. Once it seems to be functioning a little but not quite well enough, a greater dose might be appropriate for you. A maximum safe melatonin dose has not been yet identified. It also very essential to read dosage instruction on the supplement, due to the number of milligrams per melatonin pill will differ among the manufacturers.