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Insomnia is a temporary or permanent normal sleep disorder accompanied by psychological and physical discomfort. It is enough a few days to any person without a healthy 

sleep, felt a disability, apathy, fatigue, weakness, deterioration of health and mood. About 50 percent of adults today suffer from different types of sleep disorders while 20 percent of people in need of medical care. There are dozens of different causes of sleep disorders. But here we select five most common causes of insomnia.

reasons of sleep disorders

Five reasons of sleep disorders about which you need to know:

  • The first reason of sleep disorders is that a good sleep is influenced by external factors such as light or included working TV. Remember, do not try to sleep with the light switched on as the body does not produce so-called "sleep hormone" - melatonin. Also, if your apartment windows overlook the sunny side close them with blackout curtains or blinds. In order to make sleep comfortable - buy a good orthopedic mattress to help you wake up without pain in different parts of the body. Ventilate the room before bedtime.
  • Do not forget to rest. Even if you have very hard work do not try to do everything quickly and then rest. You are not a hero but a simple man. So you need to rest evenly throughout your working day. In order your body has not fallen into a state of "insomnia" walk in the fresh air before bedtime. If you support your body in shape, then to finish the exercises it is best not later than 8 p.m. That was the second reason of insomnia.
  • The third reason of insomnia is stress. A lot of people exposed to stress at work. And stress affects women more than men. So when you come home leave all the problems outside the door, get dressed in home clothes and make a hot tea. Do not download all your problems on other people, just forget about the problems and relax.
  • The fourth reason is the food. As the meal for the body is a kind of "fuel" that is why you need to eat properly. If your food is poor then the sleep will be the same. So do not forget to include in your diet a variety of fruits and vegetables, diversify your diet.
  • The fifth cause of insomnia - a surplus of emotion. If in your life have occurred some changes, and it made you feel very strong emotions and now you cannot sleep. In order to move away from what is happening before bed take a bath with a drop of oil and drink tea or milk with honey. This should reassure you, and you will sleep like a baby.

So to people that faced with these causes sleep disorders can only recommend avoiding them or in case when nothing helps to try medications for sleep disorders. To get rid of your problem you need to start going to bed much earlier, perfect for this time is 9-10 p.m. When you will learn to go to sleep at a time you tend to get enough sleep and will feel much better. One researcher said that to sleep and feel good we should not go to sleep in the day when you have to wake up.